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We call on McDonald's Australia to offer a plant based menu



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We need a McChoice

It's time for multinational corporations to take responsibility for the impact of their products.

That's why we're asking for your support in getting McDonald’s Australia to offer substantial plant-based menu options nationwide.

McDonald's Corporation is the biggest fast-food chain on the planet. With so much power comes responsibility. McDonald’s Australia says it cares about the environment, but does not offer a plant-based meal.

Why is this important? Can’t vegans eat elsewhere? Well, sometimes, but this campaign is for everyone. Every year, more and more Australians are choosing to replace some of their meat consumption with plant-based alternatives.


Switching from meat to plant-based protein also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, land usage, and water consumption, making it a kinder choice for the planet.

Lots of Australians simply want the option to reduce their meat consumption but find plant-based restaurants inaccessible and unaffordable.

McDonald's and other fast food outlets have a monopoly on our highways and late-night dining, leaving us with little choice

That is why we are asking everyone, whatever their dietary choices, to support the addition of plant-based menu items at the biggest and most ubiquitous restaurant chain there is. 

Sign the

We are calling on McDonald’s Australia to offer a plant-based menu nationwide. By meeting this demand, McDonald’s will be showing its commitment to reducing its environmental impact and giving customers an accessible choice to reduce their meat and animal product consumption. 


The Alternatives

In addition to plant-based proteins as replacements for meat, we have high-tech options known as cellular agriculture.


Two major forms of cellular agriculture are lab-grown meat and precision fermentation.

Precision fermentation is the most promising of the two, but what is it?


Precision fermentation is similar to brewing beer, but the product is proteins or fats and oils.

It is a next-level form of brewing that uses microorganisms, like yeast, to make ingredients we currently get from animals or plants.

Brave Robot (pictured) is an example of dairy ice-cream produced without the need for a cow. 

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